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My name is David Thomas. I am a member of the Labour party in Hove & Portslade Constituency. I am also the legal officer for the Brighton & Hove Housing Coalition (http://www.bhhcoalition.org.uk), a coalition of housing activists. I was a legal aid solicitor until 2013, specializing in housing law and related human rights and public law; now I am a trainee academic at Birkbeck College, London University, teaching law and delivering training in housing law with Law for Life (http://www.lawforlife.org.uk). This blog is for posts about local and national politics and housing activism.

Comments Policy

In general I will permit comments that engage with the posts. I will not allow comments that are abusive or vexatious. But I reserve the right to be capricious/inconsistent. By commenting you agree as follows:

i) You grant me a perpetual licence to reproduce the words in your comment and a name/web site link in attribution.

ii) You acknowledge that a name, email address and IP address will be recorded and held by me on submission of your comment for so long as your comment remains on the site.

iii) The email address and IP address will not be used by me for any purpose save those directly connected with the administration of the site and/or your comment(s). The email address and IP address will not be released or passed to third parties without a court order. I may use the details to contact you if I receive a notice of complaint under the Defamation Act 2013, as I will seek to rely on a section 5 defence in such circumstances.

iv) I reserve the right to delete or edit comments without notice.

v) You acknowledge that you are the author of your comment and that the editor and other authors of the site take no responsibility for your comment. You are responsible for any inaccuracies, errors, omissions, and statements in your comment.


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